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DMA6112 - 6 channel mixer amplifier. 6 x 120W amplifier

The amplifier system is designed with a sleek steel chassis and a 4.3-inch touch screen for easy operation. Its 2U chassis can be conveniently installed in a cabinet. It offers multiple functions including USB, radio and Bluetooth playback, audio signal matrix switching, half-bridge switching power supply and digital power amplifier circuit, zone volume adjustment, and a paging interface that can be useful in various settings for an enhanced audio experience.


● 4.3 inch resistive touch screen, push-button power switch.
● Support 100V constant voltage output.
● With Chime Function, touch screen operation.
● Chime function, touch screen operation, chime and alarm program source can be replaced via USB.
● The alarm sound function can be triggered by the dry contact in the 3.81mm Phoenix socket (2P of 7P) on the rear panel.
● AUX1, AUX2, MIC1/LINE1, MIC2/LINE2 treble and bass volume adjustment (rear panel).
● Two XLR inputs MIC1/LINE1, MIC2/LINE2, 48V phantom power MIC, ordinary MIC and LINE are selected through independent DIP switches.
● With 2 AUX IN in the rear panel.
● 6 LINE OUT (corresponding channels).
● With zone monitoring function, the monitoring volume changes with the zone volume.
● MUTE > EMC IN > SIREN > CHIME > Remote Paging Microphone > Bluetooth Touch Panel > AUX1=AUX2=MIC1/LINE1=MIC2/LINE2=MP3=BT =FM
● 6-way Bluetooth Touch Control Panel Interface, fixed zone address, DC48V power supply, the maximum transmission distance of each channel is 300-600 meters, the Bluetooth touch control panel can only operate the corresponding zone audio source and volume.
● Two-way RJ-45 remote paging microphone interfaces, support zone/all zones paging, up to 2 mics cascaded, DC48V Power supply, 300-600m range per zone, and users can play AUX1 or MP3 player audio sources and enable the volume control.

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  • Specifications

    System Specifications

    Input Sensitivity







    Output Power


    Max. 120W*6


    Max. 240W*6


    95V<1% 100V<5%

    SNR (A-weighted)

    MIC≥71dB, LINE≥76dB

    Line Input Frequency Response

    80Hz-15kHz (±3dB under normal working conditions)

    Mic Input Frequency Response

    100Hz~12kHz (±3dB under normal working conditions))


    ≧14dB (Constant Voltage)

    Power Supply


    Tone Adjustment Range

     Bass:±10dB (100Hz), Treble:±10dB (10kHz), the error is±2dB.

    LINE OUT Output Level


    MIC1-2 Phantom Power


    Working Temperature


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