Q. What is 100V line?

A. 100V Line (also referred to as Constant Voltage) is a system often used in public address systems. It allows the loudspeakers to be wired in parallel. a transformer fitted to the loudspeaker will define how much power will be taken from the amplifier. By rule of thumb the sum of the power of the loudspeakers must not exceed the output power of the amplifier.

For more information see 100V Line

Q. What is volume restoration?

A. In some cases it is required that a volume control is fitted to a number of loudspeakers, an example is where a low level of background music is required allowing the listener to adjust the level required. However when a paging announcement is made it is needed that the listeners can hear this clearly. Volume restoration provides this function, often done with a relay, when 24Vdc is applied to a suitable volume control, the volume control is bypassed allowing the paging announcement to be heard. All of our volume controls contain a volume restoration relay. Amplifiers ADS5120D and ADS5240D also contain the needed 24Vdc power supply and switching to give volume restoration on a priority (paging announcement), so no external devices are needed.

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