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DMP20-20 Trigger digital audio player
ADS - Audio Design Services

DMP20 is a rugged industrial WAV player designed for the most demanding jobs. Much like a CD player playing sound tracks from a CD, DMP20 plays sound files from an SD/SDHC memory card but without the moving parts to wear and tear. The file format support is 8-bit uncompressed WAV files with sampling rate up to 22.05KHz.

Audio programming for the unit is as simple as copying sound files to the memory card via a card reader attached to the computer. The DMP-20 uses an SD/SDHC memory cards (a 1gb or larger card is supplied) which are readily available in a number of capacities to suit different needs. Hundreds of tracks totalling hours of audio can be stored onto an inexpensive card for instant playback.

Powered by a DC power supply (supplied), DMP20 features a built-in 10-watt power amplifier. Audio playback can be triggered with a variety of methods such as push buttons, motion/alarm sensors and PIRs. Keypads and other custom interfaces are available by special request.

DMP-20 can be easily configured to work in different operation modes such as:

- Start the playback when the trigger is applied or removed.
- Allow the playback to be interruptible by another trigger or not.
- Play the sound just once or loop it till the trigger is removed.
- Sound files can be prioritized or not.

- Now with Message queing.

Housed in a compact yet rugged metal case, DMP20 can be easily secured into place with the integrated mounting tabs on each side of the unit. Wiring is done via screw terminals and requires only a small screw driver. The screw terminals are unpluggable, making it fool-proof to replace the unit in the field when necessary.

Typical Applications

* Talking exhibits and displays
* Music and sound for amusement equipment
* Special sound effects for theme park attractions
* PA announcements of fixed messages at public places
* Verbal instructions/feedbacks for industrial/vending equipment

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  • Specifications
    Technical Specification
    Model:DMP20 Digital Audio Player
    Order Code:DMP20
    DC Power:12~32 VDC
    Audio Output:Max 10W (4ohm load)
    Trigger Input:20 Trigger Inputs
    Max. Number of Sound Files:10 per trigger input
    Max.Memory Capacity:2GB(sd), 32GB(SDHC)
    Recording Time:32GB card - 800 hours (sampling rate = 11.025khz)
    Sound File Format:Wav Files
    Memory Type:SD/SDHC
    Operation Mode:Mono Radio Quality (8bit) Wav Player
    Dimensions:3.7 x 5.0 x 1.2in
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